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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2013Assessing the performance of the grain legume marketing system in northern GhanaAidoo, R.; Mensah, J. O.; Opoku, A.; Abaidoo, R. C.
Oct-2007Assessment of past and present soil conservation initiatives in Nigeria, West AfricaJunge, Birte; Deji, Olanike; Abaidoo, R. C.; Chokoye, David; Stahr, Karl
Oct-2016Assessment of second generation biofuel residuals as soil amendment for soil fertility improvementAdjei-Gyapong, T.; Abaidoo, R. C.; Yeboah, E.; Hauggaard-Nielsen, Henrik; Quansah, C.
2005Biodiversity of Saccharomyces cerevisiae isolated from a survey of pito production sites in various parts of GhanaGlover, Richard L. K.; Abaidoo, R. C.; Jakobsen, Mogens; Jespersen, Lene
2010Biological nitrogen fixation potential by soybeans in two low-P soils of southern CameroonJemo, M.; Nolte, C.; Tchienkoua, M.; Abaidoo, R. C.
2016Contributions of Rhizobium Inoculants and Phosphorus Fertilizer to Biological Nitrogen Fixation, Growth and Grain Yield of Three Soybean Varieties on a Fluvic LuvisolAziz, A. L. A.; Ahiabor, B.D.K.; Opoku, A.; Abaidoo, R. C.
Dec-2007Effectiveness of common and improved sanitary washing methods in selected cities of West Africa for the reduction of coliform bacteria and helminth eggs on vegetablesAmoah, P.; Drechsel, P.; Abaidoo, R. C.; Klutse, A.
Oct-2009Effect of crop rotation and nitrogen fertilization on yield and nitrogen efficiency in maize in the northern Guinea savanna of NigeriaYusuf, A. A.; Iwuafor, E. N. O.; Abaidoo, R. C.; Olufajo, O. O.; Sanginga, N.
2010Effects of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Inoculation and Phosphorus Application on Yield and Nutrient Uptake of YamDare, M. O.; Abaidoo, R. C.; Fagbola, O.; Asiedu, R.
2016Evaluation of early maturing cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) germplasm for variation in phosphorus use efficiency and biological nitrogen fixation potential with indigenous rhizobial populationsAbaidoo, R. C.; Dare, M. O.; Killani, S.; Opoku, A.
2007Evaluation of maize yield in an on-farm maize-soybean and maize lablab crop rotation systems in the Northern Guinea Savanna of NigeriaOkogun, J. A.; Sanginga, N.; Abaidoo, R. C.
19-Jan-2012Evaluation of microbial inoculants as biofertilizers for the improvement of growth and yield of soybean and maize crops in savanna soilsLaditi, M. A.; Nwoke, O. C.; Jemo, M.; Abaidoo, R. C.; Ogunjobi, A. A.
Jan-2014Evolving Approaches to University Education in Africa: Recent Examples from GhanaKranjac- Berisavljevic, G.; Abaidoo, R. C.
2014Factors influencing Soyabean Production and Willingness to Pay for Inoculum Use in Northern GhanaAidoo, Robert; Osei-Mensah, J.; Abaidoo, R. C.; Opoku, Andrews
2000Genomic Arrangement of Nod Gene Sequences of Bradyrhizobium Isolates from TGx Soybean Genotypes in Relation to Bradyrhizobium USDA110Abaidoo, R. C.; Keyser, H. H.; Singleton, P. W.; Borthakur, D.
2008Genotype effects of cowpea and soybean on nodulation, N2-fixation and N-balance in the Northern Guinea Savanna of NigeriaYusuf, A. A.; Abaidoo, R. C.; Iwuafor, E.N.O.; Olufajo, O. O.
2009Grain legume rotation benefits to maize in the northern Guinea savanna of Nigeria: fixed-nitrogen versus other rotation effectsYusuf, A. A.; Iwuafor, E. N. O.; Abaidoo, R. C.; Olufajo, O. O.; Sanginga, N.
2010Integrated soil fertility management involving promiscuous dual-purpose soybean and upland NERICA enhanced rice productivity in the savannasOikeh, S. O.; Houngnandan, P.; Abaidoo, R. C.; Rahimou, I.; Toure', A.; Niang, A.; Akintayo, I.
2007Irrigated urban vegetable production in Ghana: microbiological contamination in farms and markets and associated consumer risk groupsAmoah, P.; Drechsel, P.; Abaidoo, R. C.; Henseler, M.
2005Irrigated urban vegetable production in Ghana: sources of pathogen contamination and health risk eliminationAmoah, P.; Drechsel, P.; Abaidoo, R. C.
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