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Title: In vivo use of extracts from Ocimum gratissimum and Cymbopogon citratus against Phytophthora palmivora causing blackpod disease of cocoa
Authors: Awuah, R. T.
Keywords: Plant extracts
Phytvphthoru palmivora
Issue Date: 1994
Publisher: Association of Applied Biologists
Citation: Association of Applied Biologists, pg 124, 173 - 178
Abstract: Crude steam di!>tillate from Ocimum graflssimum sprayed onto infectum courts on detached cocoa pods moments after moculat1on with Phvtophthora palmu,ora completely mhibitcd the pathogen and blackpod lesion development on 75% of the infection courts. Disease suppression obt<uned w1th the extract was com­ parable to that obtained with a 2°.-f Kocide 101 suspen<.ion In the field. the 0. gratis.mnum extract also suppressed ksJOn development although to a sig­ nificantly lower (P = 0.05) extent m companson \\lth Kocide 101. Blackpod lesion expansion rates of 1.80. 3.56. 2 71 and 0.7X cm/dav. respectivcl. wen associated w1th pods treated 1n the field w1th C. cttratus extract, tap water. 0 gratissimum extract and 2% Kocide 101. The extract from Cymbopogon caratu.\ was also ineffective on detached pods. Sporangia of P. palmivora from sporu lating blackpod lesions on both detached and non-detached pods lost thetr infectivity within 1 h of treatment with the 0 gratissimum extract Th1s effect was superior to that obtained with Kocide 101. Fungitoxicity of the extract on pods, however, was lost withtn 1 h of application. Thus. desp1te its 111 l'LPO effectiveness as an eradicant. the 0. grati.mmum extract. in its present form. has limtted ut1lity as a protectant fung1c1de.
Description: This is a published article by Associated of Applied Biologists, 1994, pgs.124, 173-174
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/1392
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