Assessing the impact of consumer sentiments and online ratings on consumer purchase intention: (a case study of Ghana hospitality industry)

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This study delves into the dynamics of consumer sentiment within the Ghanaian hospitality industry, investigating the factors influencing sentiment and its connection to purchase intention. The study extends to the integration of socio-demographic variables to gain a holistic understanding. The project begins by introducing the significance of consumer sentiment and its pivotal role in shaping customer behaviors and industry trends. Methodologically, a quantitative approach was employed, combining a comprehensive literature review with a survey of diverse respondents (176) using a random sampling technique, including event organizers, travelers, residents, and more. The survey captured responses related to hospitality service usage, sentiment factors such as price, brand loyalty, online reviews, product/service quality, and advertisements/promotions, as well as socio-demographics like age, gender, education, and religion. Reliability, factor analysis, correlation analysis, regression modeling, and ANOVA were used to uncover relationships and trends within the data. The study's outcomes are multi-faceted. Findings highlight that various factor significantly influence consumer sentiment in the Ghanaian hospitality industry, notably price, brand loyalty, online reviews, product/service quality, and advertisements/promotions. The positive correlation between these factors and consumer sentiment underscores their vital roles. The results also indicate that consumer sentiment strongly impacts purchase intention, reflecting the pivotal role of sentiment in driving customer decision-making. Interestingly, the integration of socio-demographic variables into the analysis yielded nuanced insights, revealing diverse patterns in how different demographic groups perceive and respond to various sentiment factors. The study offers valuable implications for businesses to tailor their strategies based on socio-demographic characteristics to enhance customer experiences and drive business success. This project contributes to the field by providing a comprehensive exploration of consumer sentiment within the Ghanaian hospitality industry. The integrated analysis of sentiment factors and socio-demographics offers a more nuanced understanding of customer behaviors, which can inform targeted marketing strategies. Overall, this study serves as a foundational resource for businesses seeking to navigate the complex landscape of consumer sentiment in the hospitality industry in Ghana.
A thesis submitted to the school of business, in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree OF Master of science (business and data analytics)