Ceramic mural for Offinso District Library

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Mural, which forms an integral part of architecture, is any form of pictorial scene created on the wall or floor of a building mostly as a means of decoration, and identification. In modern architectural, murals do not only perform these functions but they also educate. This project therefore in the form of ceramic mural for the Offinso Library Complex is to, decorate, advertise and educate the reading public and especially pupils and students. This is the researcher’s contribution to promote reading with the aim of improving the falling standard of education in the Offinso District. To achieve this objective, attempts were made to come out with an appropriate drawing, of a library scene made up of a cross-section of everybody who quests for knowledge. After reviewing the literature of the topics, the necessary tools and materials were assembled. To achieve a successful result, experiments were conducted in order to secure the best clay for the project. Equally, the tests for the glazes were given attention. All the necessary tests for the clay which include porosity and Shrinkage were made. The glazes were also tested against using samples of the fired clay bodies which were fired to the required temperature before the final work was executed. Unfortunately the finished work was not successful due to frustrations experienced in the glost firing as a result of the poor nature of the kiln. This compelled the researcher to compose a new clay body and the use of acrylic to paint the work instead of glazing. This finally, yielded a fruitful result for the final work. It is therefore recommended that to come out with a colourful ceramic mural painting, acrylic is more appropriate to avoid any problems in glazing and glost firing which will finally mar the finishing of the work. The extensive use of photographs and illustrations intended to create clear understanding of the project and to educate ceramic and non-ceramic artists who may wish to undertake similar projects.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Art Education in partial requirements for the Master of Arts degree, 2004