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Asante Folklore and Kumasi Kiosk Architecture:a Visual Exploration of Hybridity and Mythography
(KNUST, 2009-02) OPPONG, E. T.
This studio-based research improvises on the architectonics of Kumasi kiosks. I present the ensuing body of artefacts as a working prototype which joins on-going cultural conversations on hybridity in contemporary art. The typical Kumasi kiosk is referenced as a site for negotiation of boundaries in its design, setting and function, but I have also made allusions to suggestions of hybridity and boundary negotiation in the polyvalent structure of Asante myth and folklore. I made a close study of three hundred kiosks located in the urban quarters of Kumasi. I also engaged such thinkers on hybrid spaces as Homi Bhabha , Jacques Derrida, Michael Foucault, Stuart Hall, Paul Gilroy, etc, to discourse on Asante mythology. I laid emphasis on the myth of ɔhyeεni (ɔhene-king), a patriarchal figure who negotiates boundaries, Asante and Akan filial kinship narrative from Asante history. I employed a personal technique of painting, -Aberphoh, which is a reconfiguration of abstract expressionist and surrealist genres. Asante art forms laden with their myths, some of which visually portrayed mythology, especially the totems, were also studied as the basis upon which art works were recreated in the form of paintings on sculptural structures created with plywood. I used the Asante myth of Abubu-mmabaa to explore the structural dialogue of inside and outside in my hybridized artefact. I have also presented an iconographic catalogue of totems and symbols which appear on the inner and outer surfaces of my structures. I present my project as an artefact to be contained in a gallery space as well as a structure or site which contains other artefacts. Like the Kumasi kiosk, these structures are not intended to be permanently site-specific. Each is collapsible and foldable and thus portable to any possible location for re-erection and exhibition. It is a cross genre installation interfacing painting, sculpture, architecture, poetry and performance.
Scattering of kinks in noncanonical sine-Gor Scattering of kinks in noncanonical sine-Gordon Model don Model
(Turkish Journal of Physics, 2022) Takyi, Ishmael; Barnes, Benedict; Tornyeviadzi, Hoese Michel; Ackora-Prah, Joseph; 0000-0002-1217-0889; 0000-0002-0580-5655; 0000-0001-9488-9610
In this paper, we numerically study the scattering of kinks in the noncanonical sine-Gordon model using Fourier spectral methods. The model depends on two free parameters, which control the localized inner structure in the energy density and the characteristics of the scattering potential. It has been conjectured that the kink solutions in the noncanonical model possess inner structures in their energy density, and the presence of these yields bound states and resonance structures for some relative velocities between the kink and the antikink. In the numerical study, we observed that the classical kink mass decreases monotonically as the free parameters vary, and yields bion-formations and long-lived oscillations in the scattering of the kink-antikink system. :
Enhancing Information Literacy in Public Universities through Policy Frameworks
(Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, 2022-11) Aviamu, Y. A.; Ahenkorah-Marfo, M.; Taylor, J.;
Information literacy is evolving as a basic human right in the digital world, which promotes the social inclusion of all nations. The study sought to explore the role policies play in the delivery of information literacy in public university libraries. Using a semi-structured interview, the study sought to elicit the views of librarians in Ghana’s top-most universities on their knowledge about instructional services and availability of policy frameworks that guide the delivery of information literacy in academic libraries. It was revealed that different models of information literacy exist in academic libraries but librarians lacked a definite policy framework to prosecute the information literacy agenda. The study fills the gap in available literature on the role policy plays in information literacy, especially in developing countries. Universities and other higher educational institutions will find the results of this study useful in considering policies to guide the delivery of information literacy in their libraries.
Communication performance inherent in the repetitive attributes of projects: the case of mass housing projects
(Emerald, 2022) Kwofie, Titus Ebenezer;
Purpose The perception that the repetitive nature and attributes of mass housing projects (MHPs) induce significant influence on communication among projects teams have persistently been acknowledged without an empirical accentuation. This seemingly untested knowledge tends to limit the predictive accuracy of success and effectiveness of adopted communication style, strategies and models in mass housing particularly due to the incidence of the repetitive attributes. The purpose of this study is to delineate the influence of the repetitive attributes of mass housing projects on communication performance among the project team. Design/methodology/approach Through the use of questionnaire survey and structural equation modelling analysis, a hypothesized model tested evaluated the effects of the repetitive attributes of mass housing on information flow and information composition communication performance. Findings In the case of influence on information flow, it was seen to be substantial whereas that of the information composition was moderate. Originality/value The findings offer empirical credence to the existing perception and indeed affirm that the repetitive features of MHPs significantly contribute to communication performance related to information flow and information composition among the project team. The implication of these findings is that, practitioners and stakeholders on mass housing are urged to explore bespoke communication methods, medium, strategies and management approaches that fit the MHP attributes and environment to engender managerial and communication efficiencies in the delivery.
Chiral Soliton Models and Nucleon Structure Functions
(Symmetry, 2021) Weigel, Herbert; Takyi, Ishmael; 0000-0002-1217-0889
We outline and review the computations of polarized and unpolarized nucleon structure functions within the bosonized Nambu-Jona-Lasinio chiral soliton model. We focus on a consistent regularization prescription for the Dirac sea contribution and present numerical results from that formulation. We also reflect on previous calculations on quark distributions in chiral quark soliton models and attempt to put them into perspective.
Vacuum polarization energy of the kinks in the sinh-deformed models
(Turkish Journal of Physics, 2021) Takyi, Ishmael; Barnes, Benedict; Ackora-Prah, Joseph; 0000-0002-1217-0889; 0000-0002-0580-5655; 0000-0001-9488-9610
We compute the one-loop quantum corrections to the kink energies of the sinh-deformed 4 and 6 models in one space and one time dimensions. These models are constructed from the well-known polynomial 4 and 6 models by a deformation procedure. We also compute the vacuum polarization energy to the nonpolynomial function = 1 4 (1 − sinh2 .This potential approaches the model in the limit of small values of the scalar function. These energies are extracted from scattering data for fluctuations about the kink solutions. We show that for certain topological sectors with nonequivalent vacua the kink solutions of the sinh-deformed models are destabilized.
Synthesis of pure and manganese doped zinc oxide nanoparticles by a solution growth technique: Structural and optical investigation
(East European Journal of Physics, 2023) Antwi, Raymond A.; Nkrumah Isaac; Ampong, Francis K.; Paal, Mark; Tamakloe, Reuben Y.; Nkum, Robert K.; Boakye, Francis; 0000-0003-4030-7931
Pure and manganese doped zinc oxide nanoparticles have been successfully synthesized over the composition range, Zn1-xMnxO (0