The Impact of regular physical activity on the general well-being of physically disabled adults in the Kumasi Metropolis

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This study was to investigate the impact of regular physical activity on the general life of persons with physical disability in the Kumasi Metropolis. It was a descriptive survey using both qualitative and quantitative research approaches in analyzing data. The main problem of the study was that persons with disabilities, especially those who are physically disabled appear to face numerous barriers to becoming physically active. Five research questions and two hypotheses were raised to guide the study. The significance of the study was that the results of the study will expose the vulnerability of persons with physical disability to physical inactivity and the consequences to their health. The population of the study was 520 registered members of the Association of Physically Challenged Persons in the Kumasi Metropolis of Ghana. The purposive sampling technique was used in selecting 50 physically disabled individuals to participate in the study. A close-ended questionnaire in the form of Likert scale was used to collect data. The statistical techniques used to analyze data collected were frequencies and percentages. An independent sample t-test was also used to test the hypotheses. The results showed among others that, lack of fitness centres and training equipments contributed to physical inactivity. The results also revealed that, lack of regular physical exercise caused stress and unhealthy conditions among persons with physical disability. It was concluded that, lack of facilities for training influenced the sedentary lifestyle of persons with physical disability. Also, lack of regular physical activity caused stress and unhealthy conditions for the physically disabled. The recommendation therefore was that, sports and fitness clubs are to be provided to make persons with physical disability have easy access to facilities that would augment regular physical activity.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Community Health, College of Health Sciences, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Msc Degree in Disability, Rehabilitation and Development.