Organisational structural design of Ghanaian mines - a contemporary approach

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No single workable organisational structure can stand the test of all times; that is, it cannot be mechanistic or static hut rather dynamic. Implicitly then, a review of such structures with particular reference to the Ghanaian mining environment is then necessary in the light of such things as modern technology, education, environmental concerns, expansions, etc. In order to design more suitable structures for our mines, information gathered through interviews and organisation charts has been carefully and systematically analysed in this work. The result of this has been a recommendation of new organisational structures with the view to clarifying roles, minimising costs, minirnising levels in the hierarchy and maximising the spans of control, introduction and removal of certain positions, etc. Because the proposed structures must function in real life situations, certain limitations have been stated so that modifications could be effected to suit individual mines. Contingency theories, systems approach and “optimising” spans of control were adopted. Some contemporary factors, which affect the mines’ organisationa1 structures and which have been given due consideration include technology, environment, geotechnical, training, health arid safety and marketing.
Project report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Postgraduate (Professional) Diploma Degree in Mining Engineering,1993.