Hospitality Products Centre, Accra

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The progress and development of this country, depends on so many economic factors including the tourist industry. Tourism is the 3 highest income-generating venture of Ghana. Thus the Government of Ghana is making special efforts on supporting and enhancing the tourist industry for a better Ghana. In order to achieve this, the Ghana Tourist Board has come up with policies to upgrade the standard of hotels and restaurants in the country. This is achieved by the annual inspection of these facilities, which house tourists. It has thus been realised that these places lack the required quality of hospitality products, which meet international standards. Reason being that quality products are hard to come by on our local market and if available agencies are scattered, making it difficult to insist on a certain quality of service to be provided throughout the year. Thus availability of these diverse items of hospitality products at a centre would serve to curb the problem of non-availability and laws and standards can be enforced better/improved service successfully. But, then there would be the need for public education on the use of quality products, rate of replacement, need for stacking etc. to ensure constant maintenance of quality services especially in the hospitality industry. From time to time, new products come onto our local markets and are available for exhibition when fairs related to the said products are held time and again at the Ghana International Trade Fair Centre. The exhibition of hospitality products enlightens the public on new products available on our markets. Most high rated 5-3 star hotels import most of their products from America, France etc., because of the quality of products and standard of source they want to maintain, but if they get regular supply of what they need on the local market without the hustle of going through clearing goods at the ports and transporting them, but rather place an order anytime and it would be delivered, they would patronise. Thus there is the need to make available products on our local markets, and due to this, a private entrepreneur has thought of having a hospitality products centre, which would only store for supply but also display products. Other agencies would be allowed to exhibit specific and new products they have on temporary basis when the need arises. This centre would serve to help the tourist industry improve on standards that meet the international level/standard. Hence tourism would further be boosted.
A thesis submitted to the Board of Postgraduate Studies, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of the Degree in Master of Science, 1998