COVID-19 Misinformation and the Role of the Information Professional

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One group whose work involves information management is librarians. The study thus sought to understand their information management and sharing behavior during the current pandemic. An online survey was activated and shared among respondents. The questionnaires created with Google Forms were sent through the WhatsApp messaging system and email addresses of the members of the national library association (The Ghana Library Association). The questionnaire elicited information on COVID-19 information sharing and management of librarians in Ghana. Librarians in the country were asked how they receive, share and check the credibility of information regarding the pandemic. Results indicated that different people treated pandemic-related information differently. The respondents were involved in information sharing and considered information management as very important in the fight against the disease. It came out that the surest way to contain the disease would be through a well-coordinated channel such as educating the masses in information literacy and news literacy skills
Borteye, E., Lamptey, R., Kodjo, A., & White, E. (2023). COVID-19 Misinformation and the Role of the Information Professional. International Journal of Information Science and Management (IJISM), 21(3), 145-159.