Soil Application of Poultry Manure and Some Nematicides for the Control of Root Knot Nematodes (Meloidogyne Spp.) of Cabbage (Brassica Oleracea Var. Capitata)

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Two experiments (pot and field) were conducted to investigate the effect of soil application of poultry manure and some nematicides for the control of root knot nematodes of cabbage at the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences, KNUST, Kumasi. There were five treatments with four replications. The treatments were 1,5t/ha of poultry manure, 3.0t/ha of poultry manure, two nematicides (Neemazal 0.3 EC and Marshal 5G) and the control (no nematicide or soil amendment). Completely randomized design was used for the pot experiment. All pots were inoculated with 2000 root knot nematode eggs a week before the application of the different treatments. The parameters studied included; plant height, plant girth, number of leaves, root galling, egg mass indices, population density of Meloidogyne juveniles, shoot and root weight of cabbage. Poultry « manure application was found reduce Meloidogyne infestation and application of 3.0t/ha recorded the largest shoot and root weights. For the field study, a naturally infested root knot nematode field was used. The treatments were as above. Randomized complete block design was used with four replications. The eggs used as inoculums were extracted from the roots with sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) solution. Data were collected on the following parameters: distribution of nematodes in the experimental site, root galls, egg mass index, density of Meloidogyne spp. juveniles per 100 ml of soil, root weight, head diameter and head weight of cabbage. The least number of Meloidogyne juveniles and lowest infection indeces ( root gall and egg mass indeces) were recorded for 3.0t/ha poultry manure treatments while the highest values were recorded from the control. Similarly the largest head diameter and head weight of cabbage were obtained from poultry manure treated plots when compared with other treatments. There was significant difference among the treatment means for root galls, egg mass index and density of Meloidogyne spp. juveniles per 100 ml of soil. The superiority of poutry manures over Neemazal 0.3 EC and Marshal 5G nematicide for cabbage production was observed.