Attitude of teacher trainees towards pupils with disabilities. a case study in the Nanumba North District of Northern Ghana

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Towards the realization of the goals of inclusive education the attitude of teacher trainees towards pupils with disabilities cannot be under estimated as an important factor. The study was therefore carried out to assess the attitude of teacher trainees of E. P College of Education, Bimbilla towards pupils with disabilities in the Nanumba North District in the Northern Region of Ghana. The study design was descriptive and cross sectional. In all 150 trainees were selected by the use of stratified random sampling technique out of the total of 283 trainees in the out segment of the in-in-out programme of the college. The respondents were given a set of questionnaires to respond to as a means of ascertaining their attitude towards pupils with disabilities at the basic schools. The questionnaire items were four rated Likert scales questions for the respondents to respond to. The research used the independent sample t-test as the statistical tools for data analysis in order to test the research hypothesis. The major findings are that, there was no gender difference in the teacher trainee‘s attitude towards pupil with disabilities. Trainees held positive perceptions towards persons with disabilities because of their exposure to disabilities issues in special needs education. Finally both male and female trainees do not differ in their attitude towards pupils with disabilities. It is recommended that refresher courses taking the form of seminars, workshops and conferences should be organized regularly to update the teacher‘s knowledge and skills in the area of their teaching profession and disability. Teacher trainees should be given opportunities to experience inclusive education practice in inclusive schools.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Community Health, College of Health Sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science Disability, Rehabilitation and Development