Casting of life-size figure of babies in aluminium

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Sculptures over the years have survived to reveal the cultures and expressions of many generations. Sculpture in effect tells history and spells out people’s way of thinking, dressing, religion, values and beliefs and in fact their way of life. The survival of sculptures however, depends largely on the kind of materials they are made of. Permanency, for which this project work is aimed at to achieve, requires technological advancement to experiment with aluminium as a material to cast a life size human figure. It is my opinion that, this project report, in spite of limited equipment and advanced technology, will come out successfully. The research delved into the use of aluminium for casting life-size figures of babies, this called for attempting different approaches to the methods of casting to arrive at the objectives. Experiments conducted also covered various materials such as Plaster of Paris, sand, and grog for mould making. In order to fulfill the objectives of the research, local equipment were also employed to prove the possibility of casting life size figures locally.
A thesis/project submitted to the Department of Painting and Sculpture in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the Master of Fine Art (MFA) degree in Sculpture, 2005