La specificite artistique de boubacar boris diop dans le temps de tamango, les tambours de la memoire et les traces de la meute

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This work is an adventure into the fictional world of Boubacar Boris Diop by means of the Narratological Approach. It seeks to demonstrate that there is nothing mysterious about narratological analysis and that facing problems of literature from the perspective of narratology as an analytical method enables one to ask extremely pertinent questions and, indeed, find satisfactory solutions to them. This work does not claim to be exhaustive, but humbly seeks to demonstrate that enonciative narratology could be seen as a simple but effective theoretical method that helps to tackle literary problems in a more scientific manner. We further prove that, far from being characterized as chaotic writing as Kesteloot would have it in her work: “Histoire de la literature africaine”, Boubacar Boris Diop’s narrative technique allows a person to grasp at a go, all the symbolic manifestations of the African reality which is undergoing constant changes.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Modern languages (French Section) in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of philosophy in French