"Solid waste revenue management information system for metropolitan assemblies in Ghana" (a case study Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly - KMA)

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The increasing cost of rendering Waste Management Services (WMS) to the people of Kumasi has become an issue of concern to the city authority, Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA). As a result, a City-wide waste collection levy scheme was formulated to generate revenue from the public to sustain the financing of high cost of rendering the services. The effective implementation of this scheme requires a reliable information system to manage data pertaining to the scheme. The system has not been available over the years. This research project involved studying and developing a Solid waste revenue management system to facilitate the implementation of the scheme using Visual basic 6.0, SQL Server DBMS and Set up factory 6.0 software tools. A study to determine the requirements for the system was carried out at the Waste Management Department (WMD) of KMA; and the areas mainly focused on were the managerial processes involved in the policy implementation, data requirements, the types of reports required and how to estimate weight of solid wastes generated in the city. The results from the study are to capture data on property in the city, record WMS rendered to a specific community, record payments from the public, generate reports and give estimates of waste to be generated in a given community. It is expected that the completed project should support and facilitate the implementation of the Waste collection levy policy. Other expected benefits are; to save time searching for data, to support revenue generation and its management, to aggregate large amounts of data in various ways useful for planning and decision-making, to increase the capacity for record keeping in terms of space and cost, to reduce significantly the cost of managing data manually and to generate more revenue by replicating this system in other Metropolitan/Municipal District Assemblies in Ghana.
A Dissertation presented to the Osei Tutu II Institute For Advanced ICT Studies for the Award of the Degree of Master of Advanced ICT Studies (ICT-Mangement Option).