Location of additional fire stations in the Kumasi city, using a binary integer programming model

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With the increasing population of the City of Kumasi from 346336 in 1970 to 2035064 in 2010,the City is gradually expanding thereby increasing the coverage of the Fire Service Stations and consequently diminishing the responsiveness of the fire department. This thesis aims at answering these three questions:(1)Does the City need to build fire stations and how much of the city is currently covered at a standard travel time of 4 minutes?,(2)Which minimum combination of fire stations will cover all Kumasi within 4 minutes?(3)where should the City Authorities have to build new fire stations and in what order? The thesis seeks to increase the number of fire stations so as to save lives and property.A binary integer programming model is therefore used. The results indicated that the City needs more fire stations and that the Kumasi Fire Department will be able to cover all of Kumasi at a 4 minutes travel time with at least 9 fire stations and that they should be built in the following order at these sites:UEW-K(Lat 6.698131,Long -1.686326), Buokrom Estate(Lat 6.739015,Long -1.585980)and Bohyen(Lat. 6.7209012,Long. -1.6619288).
A thesis submitted to The Department of Mathematics, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in partial fufillment of the requirement for the degree of MSc. Industrial Mathematics,