Assessment of operation and maintenance of water point systems North Tongu (Adidome) District Volta Region, Ghana

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The assessment of operation and maintenance of Water Point Systems (boreholes) was carried out in the North Tongu (Adidome) district of the Volta Region of Ghana. The problem of poor operation and maintenance of community water facilities is of great concern to Governments, External Support Agencies as well as local communities. The North Tongu (Adidome) district is of no exception. Questionnaires were prepared and administered to key stakeholders. The analysis of the existing problem of operation and maintenance was done using the SWOT Matrix and the Logical Framework Analyses as complementary approaches. The study covered 100 boreholes in 35 communities randomly selected in the district. The research found out that: - The average reliability of the Water Point Systems was at least 95%. - 60% of the hand pumps were performing well, 28% partially performing and 12% not performing. - The members of the District Water and Sanitation Team (DWST) are not permanent employees of the District Assembly. - Four cost recovery mechanisms were in operation: Pay-as-you-fetch, Monthly household contributions, Monthly contributions from persons above 18 years and Contributions when pump breakdown. - Average cost recovery for operation and maintenance was 65.7%. The findings led to the conclusion that the general cost recovery for O & M is low, and the facilitation of O & M will be adversely affected if the DWST members are not permanent employees of the District Assembly. It is recommended that the District Assembly employ permanent staff to form the DWST, train and provide them with logistics to work. The DWST and POs should intensify education of the watsan committees and community members on the need to pay for water services in order to improve the general cost recovery for O & M.
A thesis submitted to the Board of Postgraduate Studies, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of Master of Science, 2002