La structure textuelle de gouverneurs de la rosee de jacques roumain

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We began this study by looking at how linguistics came into existence. We found out that it was as a result of its founder Ferdinand de Saussure. According to him, language is homogeneous in nature. After, modern linguists concentrated on communication which deals with a text. One of the branches of linguistics that deals a lot with a text is textual linguistics. Even though textual linguistics deals with different areas such as the study of linguistics anaphora elements, ellipsis and others, we limited our study to the types of text by trying to see if each type of text contains a specific linguistic element. We limited our study to the narrative, dialogue, argumentative, descriptive and explanatory types of text. Before we studied the various rules that underline each type of text, we looked at the types of narrative text. After that, we applied the principles of the various types of text proposed by Jean Michael Adam to the book entitled: Gouverneurs de la rosée of Jacques Roumain. We saw that the book under study is heterogeneous in nature because it is made up of all the five types of texts proposed by Jean Michael Adam. Then, we tackled the benefits that teachers and students in the teaching field would obtain. Also, it will be beneficial to those in other disciplines such as literature and translation. We proposed that textual grammar as a course should be integrated in the study of French as a Foreign Language.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Clinical and Social Pharmacy, Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of MASTER OF PHILOSOPHY, FRENCH.