Perception of Attributes and Health Benefits of Cocoa

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AUGUST, 2017
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Studies have shown that cocoa and chocolate have many medicinal properties. Many clinical benefits are derived from cocoa including dietary antioxidants, inhibition of dangerous clot formation and improving blood circulation. The aim of this study was to assess consumer perception of attributes and health benefits of cocoa. A total of 282 respondents were interviewed or questionnaire were given to be completed. Respondents were residents in 4 municipal assemblies in the Greater Accra region of Ghana. In all six attributes that served as input variables were the focus of the investigation to ascertain how consumers perceive these to influence health benefits of cocoa. The regression model was used to analyze the perception attribute and useful deductions were drawn to ascertain the acceptance of attributes and health benefits of cocoa. The results showed that consumers perceive cocoa to have many clinical benefits. Two attributes or input variables namely Cocoa and cancer management and cocoa butter as skin remedy had no significance in the prediction of response variable. It is recommended that Government provide the enabling environment and introduce tax waivers to support local manufacturers of cocoa. This will reduce cost of operations. There is the need for an intensive consumer education, sensitization and awareness creation in order to shift consumer attitudes and perception.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Food Science and Technology, College of Science, in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Food Quality Management,