Mathematical model for the location of dumpsite in the Kumasi Metropolis

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The location of dumpsite plays an important part in the waste disposal industry. In particular, a dumpsite site that is located based on minimum operational cost will further enhance efficiency in the midst of competing demands. The study aims at modelling the location of dumpsite from the economic point of view while comparing three dumpsites in the Kumasi metropolis namely: Dompoase, Amakom and Kronom. The Project involves the use of optimization techniques, specifically the transportation model, which is a special case of a linear programme. Data collected from the Kumasi Waste Management Department is used to set up and solve the transportation problem, the solution of which led to the choice of the dumpsite with the least cost. The transportation algorithm yielded a least cost for Dompoase as ¢76,266,000.00 per month, Amakom as ¢50,525,400.00 per month and Kronon of ¢77,648,000.00 per month. Amakom dumpsite has the least cost operationally amongst the three locations and therefore is the most preferred location from the economic point of view. The model when subjected to sensitivity analysis is robust within the limits of ±10% variation cost data. This model can be used not only for the location of dumpsite for a number of possible alternatives but is also recommended as a waste management tool.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Biological Sciences, College of Science, in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science, 2004