Using GIS to Determine Waste Transfer Stations in Relation to Location of Landfill Site in the Accra Metropolis

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The existing landfill sites in Accra are reaching full capacity and the acquisition of land for the construction of landfill sites has become very difficult due to rapid developmental activities in Accra. However, with the current rate of development which will cause the construction of landfill sites far from the source of generation, there is the urgent need to get an intermediate facility, i.e., waste transfer station where waste would be processed and compacted in long distance trucks to reduce the cost of waste transport and disposal. The objective of the study was to determine suitable places that could be used as waste transfer stations in relation to location of landfill sites using Geographic Information System (GIS). Here, coordinates of all the container sites in Accra were determined with the Geographic Positioning System (GPS). The coordinates were then converted into points using ArcGIS and Microsoft Excel 2007 to help analysed the data collected. From the study four transfer stations were located with the help of the GIS, namely: Ablekuman and Amomola (Transfer station 1) Oblogo and Weija (Transfer station 2) Ashongman and Agbogba (Transfer station 3) Ashaley Botwe and Ogbozdo (Transfer station 4).
A thesis submitted to the Department of Environmental Science of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Environmental Science, November 2012