Performance Evaluation of the Management and Performance of On-Street Parking Within the Central Business District of Sunyani.

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Parking plays a significant role in any transportation system. Sunyani due to its rapid urbanization and increased vehicle usage has had its fair share of parking challenges. This study sought to evaluate the performance of on-street vehicle parking which is currently under franchise management by M/s. Day and Night Towing service. The study was conducted on on-street parking bays or stalls on selected roads, namely; Atoase Road (Market Street), Twene Amanfour Street, SY Barnie Link, Blantyne Avenue and Starlet 91 Street within the Central Business District of the Sunyani Municipality. Field data were collected to determine parking accumulation, parking occupancy, parking volume and average parking duration. The study revealed that, almost all the parking facilities operated at less than full capacity. Land use was also identified as influencing parking duration. In terms of user perception, indicators such as proximity to destination, security for parked vehicles and pedestrians, congestion and rates charged were the main factors affecting parking. Respondents were satisfied with the services except with the state of congestion which was found not to have improved. Management challenges identified included lack of adequate enforcement, lack of scientific basis in the setting of revenue targets and the absence of appropriate technology to monitor daily collection and increase revenue. The Sunyani District Assembly, the owners of the scheme should be more proactive in ensuring that enforcement of parking regulation are strictly adhered to, use a more scientific approach to forecast revenue targets and employ technology-based methods for monitoring and evaluation of revenue generation.
A Thesis Submitted To the Department Of Civil Engineering, College Of Engineering, In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Of Master of Science Roads and Transportation Engineering,