Maternal and Child Health Centre, Kumasi

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The need to make Maternal and Child health Care all over the world and especially in Ghana, the corner— stone of every medical delivery system, has been echoed time and again by various bodies like the WHO of the 1fl, governments, organisation and important personalities including Mr. Perez do Cuella (Secretary — General of the UN) emphasizing the basic truth that children are the future of every nation. Upon this realisation, one of the contributing factors towards achieving this reality is the provision of a new/ rehabilitated comprehensive Maternal and Child Health Centres at this critical period when infant and maternal mortality still plague most of the developing world’s net withstanding, the astonishing advances mae in the medical technology. It is the realisation of this pressing need that as a contribution to the plight of mothers and children, health- wise, and also to national development, it has been chosen to compile, analyse and synthesis requisite background information and present a design proposal of such a facility for implementation as a design Thesis for the Post-graduate Diploma in Architecture. The procedure used for the thesis was first to present a general back-ground of Maternal and, Child Health situation all over the world and particularly in Ghana focusing o the Ashanti 1ogion. Feasibility studies were then undertaken to review the existing centre In Ashanti to establish the need and viability of the project in the light of current economic, social and health conditions in divan. Comparative studies were then made on an exemplary centre. After this the organisational structure and the required scope of the Maternal and Child heal h Centre and its utilisation was established. Technical analysis of operating theatre, X-ray room, laboratory and maternity suite were also critically carried out. All the above s studies culminated in a final comprehensive design brief to supplement the initial client’s brief.
A Design Thesis Report presented to the Faculty of Environmental and Development Studies, University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture,1989.