The effective use of information technology in learning and research: a case study of the KNUST library

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Many years ago, when life was simpler, people did not need so much information. But as society got more complex, more information was needed, people needed to know distances, time, price, data and many other details. Information technology is today the commonest method of recording, processing and storing information through devices such as computers, internet, facsimile etc. with the intention of making humans perform tasks at high speed. Due to the diversification in technology and rate at which it’s growing, most organizations are adopting to the changing trends in information processes. The study therefore aimed at the effective use of information technology in learning and research at the KNUST libraries. Generally, the study focused attention on what students, lecturers, research iii lows and librarians think about the current state of the library system and what they think must be done to improve the libraries using IT. To gather the maximum information for this study, a cross-sectional survey was used to talk to heads of various departments of the main library to access their opinion of the current operation of the libraries and what they think the future should be Questionnaires were also used to further collect views from library users and librarians. The questionnaire was in two parts, one section for students, lecturers and research fellows and the other part for librarians. The findings revealed that the library system requires a major change in the use of IT and an intensive education is also needed.
A thesis submitted to the KNUST School of Business in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of a degree in Masters in Business Administration (Business Information Technology), 2007