An Evaluation of Loan Recovery Strategies in Rural. Banks: a Case Study of Bosomtwe Rural Bank- Kuntanase

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The retarding progress of banking institutions can be attributed to their inability to put in place comprehensive credit policy and other strategies that will enable them recover the loans they grant to their clients. Loans asset constitutes a single item that attracts the bulk of bank's assets. Therefore, banking institutions give more attention to their portfolio. More so, a huge amount of resources is spent on credit administration and credit risk control than other aspect of banking business.The mismanagement of the loans portfolio of banking institutions over a period of time results in bank failure. To prevent this canker Banks have put in place Credit Management Procedures and Strategies to assist them in the management and control of credit risk. The study therefore seeks to evaluate the loan recovery strategies put in 'place by Bosomtwe Rural Bank Ltd, Kuntanase, in order to avert bank failure and rather promote and enhance progressive performance.
A thesis submitted to the College of Arts and Social Sciences, KNUST School of Business, 2008