The Impact of Global Good Agricultural Practice (GLOBAL G.A.P) Certification on the Quality and Safety of Fresh Pineapple and Mangoes: A Case Study in the Akuapim South and Yilo Krobo Municipalities of Ghana

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MARCH, 2017
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Safety and quality of fruits has been a great concern to all stakeholders therefore investigations were conducted to assess the impact of GLOBALG.A.P certification on fresh fruits (Pineapple and mangoes). The study adopted a descriptive cross -sectional design and quantitative data collection approach using structured questionnaires. Observational and laboratory studies were also conducted. Titratable acidity, pH, %brix, total coliforms, total viable counts and yeast and mould were determined using standard methods. A total of 160 farmers, 10 farms and 40 fruits were randomly selected using stratified sampling technique for the study. The findings of the study showed the following variations in chemical and microbiological quality of GLOBALG.A.P certified pineapple fruits; pH (4.32); % Brix (11.6), Titrable acidity (0.03 %), TVC (3.9×102 cfu/g/ml), TC(3.2×102 cfu/g/ml) and yeast and moulds (7.2×102 cfu/g/ml) whilst the non-certified farms also showed the variations in fruit quality; pH (4.41); % Brix (9.27), Titrable acidity (0.03%); TVC (16.2 ×102 cfu/g/ml); TC (12.8×102 cfu/g/ml) and yeast and moulds (11.9×102). The mango fruits also showed similar trends in variation of chemical and microbiological quality. With the exception of %Brix which differed significantly (P≤0.05), there was no significant differences in pH and titrable acidity of fruits from both certified and non-certified farms (P≥0.05). There were statistically significant differences in total coliform, yeast and moulds and total viable counts (P≤0.05). 60% of the respondents indicated that there was a difference in the safety and quality of certified and non-certified fruits whilst 40% stated otherwise indicated that there was no difference. This study accentuates the need for the MoFA regulatory bodies to set standards that will ensure that fresh fruits are safe for consumption, by encouraging farmers to adopt GLOBALG.A.P or any other food safety standards and farmers should be monitored to ensure they adopt G.A.P. also adopt good agriculture practices in order to reduce microbiological contamination of pineapple and mango fruits.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Food Science and Technology, College of Science, in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Food Quality Management.