Agile neural expert system for managing basic education

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Intelligent Systems with Applications
Inadequate experts in managing resources at the lower level of education to enhance effective teaching and learning for quality education is a significant challenge in developing nations. Many basic schools lack basic educational resources such as sitting places and writing places for learners. Inadequate teaching and learning resources negatively affect the educational policies in a country. It is common to see the media projecting the challenges of a school lacking these resources. The use of an Expert System (ES) in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist in effective management is a necessity. In this paper, an agile neural expert system is proposed using differential equations with an initial value problem. The technique combines both rule-based and neural net works in handling the problem. The expertise of the Human Expert (HE) is used in a knowledge-based to assist in managing the resources in schools. This has been possible with the use of Data Mining (DM) techniques and modeling of projected population growth, affecting enrolment in schools and necessitating the provision of re sources to cater to the growing population. For efficiency and effectiveness in planning, provision, and management of the resources, smart notification has been embedded in the system to monitor the availability and provision of the resources by prompting the various actors in the requisition, verification, validation, and approval of resources to be supplied to schools. The system proves a higher efficiency demonstrating speed in decision-making, accuracy in decisions and ease to use.
An article published in Intelligent Systems with Applications 17 (2023) 200178
Intelligent Systems with Applications 17 (2023) 200178