Determination of arsenic (III), arsenic (V) and total arsenic in urine of inhabitants from Obuasi and some of its surrounding villages.

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The molybdenum blue colorimetric method met most of the qualities of an appropriate analytical method for arsenic determination in urine. The amount of Arsenic excreted by the 75 inhabitants of Obuasi and of its surrounding villages was generally low compared with results found in literature. The highest value for Total Arsenic was found at Obuasi (0.083ppm). The highest value for Arsenic (III) was found at Kokotesua (0.068ppm). The highest value for Arsenic (V) was found at Tutuka (0.03lppm) Females and smokers excreted more arsenic than males and nonsmokers respectively. The length of time stayed in the community had a bearing on the amount of arsenic excreted, the longer the length of time the less arsenic excreted. The working age group excreted more arsenic than the youth.
A thesis in the Department of Chemistry submitted to the University of Science and Technology in fulfilment of the requirements for the Award of a Degree of Master of Philosophy (Environmental Chemistry),1993