Comparative Study of Parboiling Effects on the Physico-Chemical Properties of Two Varieties of Nerica Rice (Oryza sativa)

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The parboiling effect on physicochemical properties of two local varieties of rice (Nerica 1 and Nerica 2) grown in Ghana was studied by physical and physicochemical analyses during steaming at three different temperature periods of 100 o C at 10mins, 110 o C at 15mins and 120 o C at 25mins. The results showed that the effect of parboiling process on the quality indicators through the kinetic parameters followed the first order kinetic model of initial steps of steaming and final reaction rate constant values were dependent on steaming temperature and period. Both Nerica 1 and Nerica 2 showed similar behaviour during steaming process. The Arrhenius-type of equation described the strong temperature effect on the physical and physicochemical properties with k-values ranging from 0.188 to 0.530 for lightness; 0.272 to 0.327 for hardness; 0.133 to 0.336 for maximum viscosity; and 0.211 to 0.856 for breakdown value.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Agricultural Engineering, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in partial fulfilment of requirement for the degree of Master of Science in Food and Postharvest Engineering
Paddy rice, Physicochemical Properties, Steaming, Parboiling, Reaction Rate Value, Physical Properties