The challenges faced by teachers with visual impairment in regular schools in the Kumasi Metropolis.

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The role of teachers in the development of society cannot be overemphasized. However, over the years, the contributions of teachers teaching at the regular basic schools have been affected by various challenges. And those teachers with visual impairment ar e perceived to have pronounced challenges due to their disability. Thus, this study therefore aimed at identifying the challenges faced by teachers with visual impairment in the Kumasi Metropolis. The study was approached using the case study design to gui de the processes of data collection, analysis and presentation. The researcher selected a sample of 20 respondents and conducted in-depth interviews with them. In addition, participant observations were carried out to augment the data collected through the interviews. The findings revealed that all the teachers with visual impairment have both human and material resource needs which are fundamental to enhancing their participation in teaching and learning. And these included sighted guides; accommodation f acilities; screen reader and magnifiers as well as access to the internet. However, accessibility to these resources is a challenge. As a result, the performance of teachers with visual impairment within the Kumasi Metropolis has been affected in four -fold and this included competence; teacher-pupil relationship and interaction; availability of teaching and learning materials; and conditions of the school environment. As part of a broad range of strategies recommended, periodic in-service training programmes are needed to enhance the performance of teachers with visual impairment in Ghana.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Community Health, College of Health Sciences in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of Msc Degree in Disability, Rehabilitation and Development Studies, 2015