Planning and controlling of capital mining projects at Ashanti Goldfields corporation -a case study

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This thesis work aims at designing procedures for Planning, scheduling and Controlling of Capital mining projects in Ghanaian mines. Ashanti Goldfields Corporation was chosen for case study because it has embarked upon five and a half years expansion programmes involving many capital projects. Among the projects on which data was available was the Backfill pilot plant (Hydraulic) project and so was chosen for a case study. Although there are several ways of planning and controlling capital projects the CPM was adopted because with the CPM a fixed schedule is determined for each activity, based on realistic time estimates. CPM/TIME, CPM/COST, normal and crash times and costs were applied. The study revealed that when the activities involved in a capital project are properly co-ordinated; ability of the system to follow job sequence logic rules an appropriate completion time could be estimated. The application of good control techniques as proposed in the work could help, to bring capital projects to completion as scheduled as or much earlier than planned.
Project report submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Post-graduate (Professional) Diploma Degree in Mining Engineering,1993.