Proximate Composition and Functional Properties of Some New Groundnut Accessions

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JUNE 2015
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In this study new accessions of groundnut (Arachis hypogea) were oven dried and processed into full fat powdered forms and analysed for proximate and functional properties. The crude protein was between 20.71 to 25.34%, crude fat 31 to 46%, ash 1.2 to 2.32%, crude fiber 1.4 to 3.9%, carbohydrate 21 and 37% and moisture 4.9 to 6.79 %. Energy values of accessions fell between 507.46 kCal/100 g and 592.97 kCal/100 g suggesting the accessions are very good energy store thst have the potential to be utilized in the development of energy-dense therapeutic foods with the ability to manage protein-energy malnutrition. In terms of functional properties, water absorption capacity, swelling power, solubility index and bulk density values ranged between (20-30) %, (2.98-4.18)g/g, (26.5-57) % and (0.625-0.877) g/cm3 respectively with no significant difference (p≤0.05) existing between them. Foaming capacity and Stability ranged from (4.0 -16.2) %, (94 -100) % respectively. The high swelling power and solubility index of the accessions indicate how readily the flour constituent would re-orient under elevated temperature conditions in flour- based food systems especially ready- to- eat instant cereals which require some form of dissolution before eating. High foamability exhibited by the accessions indicates how suitable they would be in food formulations where foaming is highly desired such as ice cream products, cakes and sponge cakes. The results show that the proximate and functional properties of these groundnut accessions may bring about improvement in some food products when they are added to the food.  
A thesis submitted to the Department of Food Science and Technology, College of Science in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Food Science and Technology,