Dietary pattern in relation to obesity in adolescents in Hohoe Evangelical Presbyterian Senior High School (HEPSS) in the Hohoe Municipality

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November, 2015
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Data available revealed that prevalence of overweight and obesity are increasing globally, more specifically in sub- Saharan Africa. Increase in weight is a risk factor for developing Non-Communicable Diseases such as hypertension, and other metabolic disorders. The objective of the study was to assess the dietary patterns in relation to obesity in female adolescent students in Hohoe Evangelical Presbyterian Senior High School in the Hohoe Municipality. A cross-sectional study of all female boarding students age 19 years and below (15-19 years) was undertaken. In all a total of 179 were enrolled in the study. Anthropometric measurement, 24-hour dietary recall and food frequency method were used to collect data. The prevalence rate of overweight and obesity was 15.6% and 3.4%, respectively, and it was highest among 17 year old adolescents. Average calories consumption was 2086 ± 465kcal/day. Nearly two-thirds (62.6%) of the female adolescents exceeds the DRI of calories intake/day whiles, 67.6%’s protein intake was below the DRI/day. Intake of fruits and vegetables was very low as no daily consumption of fruits was recorded among the respondents. Most of the respondents whose weight was normal perceived their body size/image as normal. There was an association between only BMI and perceived body size and intake of fibre. The study revealed that the dietary pattern and lifestyle of the female students was influenced by the meals served at the dining hall. Further studies should consider the consumption of micronutrients in addition to calories and proteins.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Health Promotion and Education of the school of public health of college of health sciences in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Public Health (health education and promotion), 2015