Site selection for fire station in Birim North District

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This thesis seeks to identify the optimal location for sitting of a fire station in Birim North District using absolute centre heuristic method to ensure quick response to fire incidents and help fight fire outbreaks within the district thereby ensuring the future safety of people and property within the service coverage area. We focused on markets, hospitals, schools, residential facilities etc. and these were considered as the nodes or demand points. The Karis and Hakimi algorithm was used to compute the absolute centre from the distances obtained from the Floyd-Warshall’s all pairs shortest path algorithm. The absolute centre was identified as (0) zero meters from node C. In other words the absolute centre was at node C and the facility has to be sited at C. The maximum distance to be travelled from the facility to a farthest node, node O (Akokoase) shall be 4745metres. The fire station should be located at New Abirem to ensure minimum response time and travel distance in the service coverage area.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Mathematics in partial fulfillment of the requiements for the award of degree of Master of Science in Industrial Mathematics.