Knowledge of mine workers on mine related hazards and prevention: a case study of mine workers at Arcelormittal Mining Company in Yekapa Nimba County republic of Liberia.

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November , 2016
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Knowledge of workers on work-related injuries is crucial because such injuries have the potential to cause disability. Knowledge on the risk factors is crucial in preventing long term disablement that has the tendency to disrupt workers’ quality of life and boost the productivity of mining companies. Objective: To ascertain the level of knowledge of workers of Arcelormittal Mining Company on work related hazards that have the potential to cause disability. A cross-sectional design using quantitative method, was utilized in this study. Purposive sampling technique was used to select a total of 202 workers, consisting of 7 managers, 20 supervisors, 51 miners and 124 ground workers for the study. These respondents were chosen to ensure that the sample is representative of the entire workforce. A questionnaire with close-ended items was used to collect information from the participants. A mean age of 34.73 years, suggests the company has a mainly youthful workforce. The vast majority of workers were ground workers with miners constituting a fourth of all workers. Majority of workers had fair knowledge of the inherent dangers associated with mining. The vast majority of respondents were privy to the obvious dangers posed by specific elements within the mine. Supervisors and ground workers tended to be more knowledgeable on specific safety and preventive measures compared to miners. Almost all respondents were privy to general emergency actions. While most workers were knowledgeable on the various protective gear, a sizable number had little knowledge of the bump cap. Miners tended to have the highest frequency of usage of protective gear compared to all other workers. Conclusion: The greater effort to eradicate accidents and injuries in mining hugely depends on proper understanding of information dissemination on hazards in the mines. xiii Arcelormittal mining company, safety awareness and prevention, danger, worker knowledge safety measures.
A Thesis submitted to the Department of Community Health, College of Health Sciences In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science (Disability, Rehabilitation and Development),