The impact of outsourcing revenue mobilization on income generation in judicial service, Kumasi

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JULY, 2015
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The administrative of justice system in Ghana has been devilled with perceived corruption and other malpractices. In an attempt by judicial service management to eradicate these problems through changing attitude of staffs has proved futile. In order to put confidence into the public, management introduced outsourcing policy in 2007. Outsourcing known to be practiced of large manufacturing firms subletting part of their business function has now changed due to the ever changing consumer needs and wants and virtually every organization including judicial service are on the verge of outsourcing. The study investigates impact of outsourcing revenue mobilization on income generation in judicial service Kumasi. Both primary and secondary data were utilized. Samples of 100 respondents from various courts were chosen for the study using convenient sampling. In the process, quantitative data were sought using a researcher made questionnaire and the results analysed with frequency counts, charts, graph and pie using SPSS. The study established that operations of outsourcing in judicial service was usually opening tender process which involve bidden process, the study further revealed that outsourcing has minimise the stress of revenue mobilization which has affected the revenue volume positively. However operational cost in judicial service has been affected negatively in the sense that judicial service pay the salaries for the affected staffs as well as the outsource agent. The study concluded that the outsourcing decision should consider the past record of the vendor in terms of cost, quality and innovation. The study recommended that judicial service management should ensure proper monitoring and supervising of the activities of the outsource agent by linking them into the judicial service data base.
Thesis submitted to the Department of Managerial Science, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in partial fulfilment of degree of Master of Business Administration (Strategic and Management Option).