Improving the organization of industrial attachment for hotel and catering students at Takoradi Polytechnic

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the problems associated with the conduct of students’ industrial attachment at the Hotel and Catering Department at Takoradi Polytechnic and institute appropriate interventions to improve upon the situation. The study was conducted within the action research framework. The research methodology was in three stages. The first stage consisted of activities to collect the baseline data as basis for developing the interventions. The second stage of the methodology was the implementation of the interventions. Activities adopted at this stage included the identification and development of work sites for students, arrangement of work schedules, orientation and induction of students, worksite visitations, guidance and counselling. The final part of the methodology was an evaluation of the impact of the interventions that were aimed at improving the industrial attachment practice. The questionnaire was the main instrument used in collecting data. It was however supplemented with personal observations and interviews. The main findings of the study were that student’s perceptions of industrial attachment were positive. However, the students lacked interest, motivation and direction to undertake the attachment due to the absence of proper guidance and training schedules. The intervention provided the much needed guidance, interest and motivation. The conclusion drawn was that with proper guidance and well structured training guide coupled with commitment from the Polytechnic, the industry and students, the industrial attachment would satisfactorily be undertaken.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of Master of Science degree of Technical Education, 2001