Knowledge, attitudes and practice of family planning among married partners in Ledzokuku Krowor municipality in the Greater Accra region of Ghana

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September, 2019
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FP has received serious attention from international organizations. This emphasizes the recognition placed on FP as a strategy to curb the socio-economic implications and health problems that high population growth rate has on countries. Much of this phenomenon of increasing population growth and its consequences is manifested in developing countries. The main objective of this study was to determine the family planning knowledge, attitude and practice among married couples in the Ledzekuku Krowor Municipality. The study employed a household cross-sectional study design with quantitative approach to data collection to examine the knowledge, attitude and practice of family planning among married partners. The study population comprised men and women who were married and were within their reproductive ages (15-49 years) with a total sample size of 206.The study adopted a convenience and purposeful sampling where people who are available and were willing to take part in the study were used. A descriptive data analysis was performed using SPSS version 21. There was a positive correlation between the age of respondents and that of their spouse (r2=0.41). Regarding the knowledge of respondents on family planning, 77%, 55% and 86% cited the purposes as for child spacing, reduced family size and prevention of pregnancy respectively. The results showed positive attitude towards family planning since the majority support the use (88.5%), and partner’s use (78.0%). In terms of practice, 72% had ever used; partner ever used (52.5%) and discussed FP with partner (67.5%). Factors influencing include community acceptance (76%), no stigmatization (68.5%) and normal cost of contraceptives (65.0%). The good knowledge of FP reflected in attitude and practice of respondents towards Family Planning services and related issues. More education and information will further yield positive results.
A thesis submitted to the School of public Health, College of Health Sciences, in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of Bachelor Degree in Environment and Public Health.
Knowledge, attitudes, Family planning, Married partners, Ledzokuku Krowor