Quality control of the gamma camera system at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital

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This is a report on the quality control assessment of the Searle Radiographic Pho/Gamma Large - Field - of - View Scintillation Camera System, at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Accra. The most important parameters that characterize the performance of the camera were evaluated, based on the visual inspection techniques, by the use of a Quadrant - bar phantom, point source and a lead mask. Values obtained for the flood-field uniformity, spatial resolution and spatial linearity, confirmed an acceptable performance of the gamma camera. The flood-field uniformity was recognized as the most important characteristic performance parameter of the amera. In addition to the experimental quality control tests, clinical tests covering the brain, bone and liver scans were carried out. The clinical results confirmed that count density in the general area of the lesion, the contrast between the lesion and its surroundings and the contrast distribution defining the lesion were optimum. The quality control programme has confirmed that the images represent the actual variation in the radiopharmaceutical distribution within the phantom/patient, and not variations in instrument performance
A report submitted to the Faculty of Science University of Science and Technology Kumasi in partial fulfillment of the requirement of the Degree of M.Sc (Physics), 1993.