Rapid multiplication of bamboo (bamb usa lietero- st;1ciiya): the effect of culm age and length of cuttings on sprouting

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Journal of Ghana Science Association
The effect of age am/ length of bamboo clIlIIIS on sprouting of culm cuttings W{(S studied in {( field experiment at the Oil Palm Research Institute (OPRI), Kusi. The study was conducted as {( factorial combination of fOllr age groups «6 months, 6 months to 1 year, 1 year to 2 years and 2 years to 3 years) and three lengths (I node, 2 nodes and 3 nodes) ofculm cuttings. 11w 12 treat­ ment combinations were laid out in a randomized complete block design and replicated three times. The cuttings made from 1~2 years old culms bearing triple nodes produced significantly (P<0.05) more number of shoot (146) than all the other age group - length of CII/1I1 combina­ tions. The J-2'yeal's old cultns were found to be superior to the other age grollps am/ produced 69 shoots while 0, 29 and 20 shoots were produced by the less than 6 months old, 6 months to J year old and 2 to 3 years old culms, respectively. Whereas only 6 ami 24 shoots emerged from the cuttings with single ami double nodes, cuttings with triple nodes produced as many as 58 shoots. The study recommends the lise of cultns cuttings with' triple nodes made from /-2 years old culms for rapid multiplication of bamboo stock.
Journal of Ghana Science Association, Vol.11 No. 1. June 2009
Journal of Ghana Science Association, Vol. 11 no. 1, June 2009