The kinetic study of the extraction of lead from assay waste materials

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The kinetics of the extraction of lead from assaying waste materials (cupels, crucibles and slags) was investigated. Leaching of the waste materials was done using various acetic acid concentrations with varying temperatures and particle sizes. The results obtained indicated lead recovery was highest in the cupels. A maximum recovery of 92.5% was achieved from the cupels with reaction temperature of 27°C using 10% acetic acid concentration. Maximum recoveries from the crucibles and slags were about 31.0% and 61.0% respectively. It was also found that lead recovery decreased with increase in reaction temperature from about 27°C. Recovery from the waste cupel material was highest with the 90-125µm size fraction but decreased as the size fraction increased or decreased outside this size fraction. The kinetic studies also showed that the reaction order was one.
A thesis submitted in partial fufilment of the requirements for the award of Master of Science in Environmental Resources Management, 2005