The optimal transportation problem of Accra Brewery Limited

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In Ghana, there are a number of beverage manufacturing companies With the aim of distributing their products to the entire, country, The products need to be distributed within the regions of the country at a minimum total cost. Accra Brewery Limited Was chosen as a case study with their distributing cost of beverage particularly beer for the past ten years from their archival data cannot be overemphasized. Huge transportation cost in the past shows that there is a need to investigate the cause.This study is aim at formulating a transportation model to minimize the cost of transporting the beverage (beer) within the entire country, (i. c Ghana), In pursuit of the objectives, secondary data on the transportation Cost and number of beer transported for the past six months in the year 2007 i,e; May- October was collected and analyzed for this project, The company's major distributors transport beer to different retail warehouses within the country. The various production plants and retail warehouse were analyzed. The objective is to develop a mathematical model to optimize the total transportation cost for the Distribution Department of Accra Brewery Limited. Based on a few assumptions made, a mathematical model was formulated to help in solving the problem. Excel Solver was used to solve the problem. The result_shows that guinea-normal season the cost of transporting beer for the entire country Was 2,272,455.9 Ghana cedis, and 2,996,936.7 Ghana cedis in the lean season. The cost of transportingbeer in festive Season Was Ghana cedis.
Thesis submitted to the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology,(KNUST), Kumasi, in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of MSc degree in Industrial Mathematics.