Evaluation of proucurement challenges in the Colleges of Education, Volta Region

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The Government of Ghana passed the Public Procurement Act 663 in the year 2003 and it also passed the Colleges of Education Act 847 in 2012. The Colleges of Education Act paved the way for the elevation of the then Thirty-Eight (38) Teacher Training Colleges in the Country to tertiary status. This study aimed at identifying some if not all the challenges, militating against the implementation of Act 663(2003) following the elevation of the Colleges of Education to tertiary status by Act 847(2012).To do this research, interviews were conducted out of which questions were framed and distributed to principal offices of the seven (7) Colleges of Education. Their responses were collected and analyzed in using relative importance indices. The result of the analysis showed key challenges such as; High cost of doing business, threshold limitations in the choice of appropriate procurement methods and contract packages stated in clause 21 and schedule 3 of the Public Procurement Act 663(2003) a confirmation in the Ugandan Procurement report presented in Tunisia and finally, delay in paying contractors, suppliers and consultants. The study also revealed that the key recommendations to deal with the challenges include; (a) Cost of procuring goods, works etc. should be reduced by entities. Large monetary guarantees from bidders as a condition for bidding may prevent otherwise qualified small bidders from entering the tender process. (b) Procurement Practioners should be trained and retrained. (c) Cartels and Corruption should be discouraged by putting in place more stringent laws to prosecute offenders and implementing the existing laws under the Public Procurement Act 663(2003) while ensuring transparency at all levels.
A dissertation submitted to the Department of Building Technology, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi in partial fulfilment of the requirements for a degree of Master of Science in Procurement Management, 2014