"Implementation of mobile applications for a commercial company" (case study: Bralima's Billing System)

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Selling products at home is one of the channels used by many commercial companies for increasing incomes and competitive advantages. However, the capturing of manual invoices issued by salespersons into information systems for statistical analyses could be a consuming task and source of errors, particularly if the company has a great number of customers. This thesis focuses on a case study of one of Heineken's breweries, called BRALIMA, located in Democratic Republic of Congo which had developed a great Home Delivery Service as a channel of distribution. This brewery boasts around 3,000 customers that could patronize their products every single day. Therefore, this * involves a lot of manual invoices to be captured into the information system called MISHA SRD, a very cumbersome task and source of errors which lead to customer complaints and dissatisfaction. This thesis attempts an assessment of the current system of capturing invoices at BRALIMA, to bring out its strengths and weaknesses. Further, the project analyses the opportunity of a new system based on mobile application and assess the risks involved. The implementation and assessment of the result of this mobile application are parts of this thesis.
A dissertation presented to Osei Tutu II Institute for advanced ICT Studies, Ghana in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of the degree of Master of Science in advanced ICT studies (Management option)