An assessment of the status of occupational health and safety at Bulk Oil Storage and Transport Company Ltd (BOST) Kumasi Terminal

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JUNE, 2019
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Oil and gas industries remain the backbone for many oil producing economies. The discovery of oil in Ghana raised high anticipation among Ghanaians for a remarkable rise in the living standards. The industry is, however, challenged with safety issues as more occupational accidents and injuries dominate the news headlines globally. Interruption in oil production caused by fires and accidents easily lead to huge economic losses and potential hazards to humans and the environment. This study is focused on an assessment of the status of occupational health and safety at Bulk Oil Storage and Transport Company, Kumasi branch. A sample of 100 respondents was purposively selected for the study. Data gathered were analyzed using statistical tools embedded in the Statistical Product for Service Solution Software (SPSS) and also Microsoft Excel. The results indicates that regulatory requirements and enhanced hazards management are the major motivating factors for complying with health and safety standards. Also, the highest contributing factor to the success of health and safety system design, implementation and continued improvement is education and training. Lack of access to adequate information, insufficient technical knowledge and skills, blame culture, resistance to change and lack of government support were the major challenges encountered during the implementation and continuous improvement of safety management system. The study recommends for various stakeholders to strengthen the regulatory requirements for the oil and gas industries. It is also recommended for BOST to consider motivation of employees as a major means for safety standards implementation. Finally, it is also recommended for a further study to be conducted on the implementation of safety standards in the oil and gas industry in a wide coverage beyond BOST- Kumasi.
A thesis submitted to the College of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Professional Master of Engineering (Industrial Operations with Management).
AN Investigation, Status, Occupational Health and Safety, Bulk Oil Storage, Transport Company Ltd (BOST) Kumasi Terminal, Occupational Accidents and Injuries