Techno-economic analysis of a 2.5mw Grid-connected Solar Photovoltaic System at Navrongo in the Upper East Region of Ghana

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JUNE, 2019
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This study presents the performance assessment of a 2.5MW utility scale grid-connected, ground mounted solar photovoltaic power plant installed at Navrongo, Ghana (100 53’N, 010 06‘W).The study uses the actual performance data (hourly energy output and environmental data from June 2013 to May 2016) from the Navrongo plant which has 8640 modules inclined at fixed angle of 12.50, five inverters and a power transformer which helps to connect the plant to the national grid. A total energy of 10643.3MWh was generated within the period under review with a yearly average of 3547.8MWh. Furthermore, the average daily reference yield, final yield, performance ratio, capacity factor and system efficiency of the PV installation over the reporting period were found as 5.92 h/day, 4.17 h/day, 70.4%, 17.2 and 11.53% respectively. These performance indicators are compared with those of countries like Italy, Crete, Morocco South Africa and Jordan. A simple payback period for the plant was found to be 7.2 years with carbon dioxide saving of 3852 metric tons. The findings from this study indicates that grid connected solar photovoltaic system for electricity generation is feasible in Ghana and could contribute significantly to Ghana’s electricity generation deficit without degrading the environment.
Techno-economic Analysis, 2.5mw Grid-connected Solar Photovoltaic System, Navrongo, Upper East Region, Ghana