Matching of trucks to loaders for the haulage system at Billiton Bogosu Gold Limited

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Every Open Pit mine is planned towards the achievement of maximum productivity. Loading and hauling are two among other main operations that affect the productivity of an open pit mine. It is therefore very important to match well loaders and hauling units to achieve this goal. This thesis work presents methods of investigating how the haulage trucks match the Backhoe excavator being used at the Chujah Pit of Billiton Bogosu Gold Limited. Analysis of the data obtained from field studies established that, for minimum or no queuing of trucks, 3 trucks (for waste haulage) and 5 trucks (for ore haulage) were needed for the Backhoe loader to give maximum haulage efficiency. Professor Rjevcki’s Method for estimating the number of trucks to match a given loader for a known haulage distance also gave 3 trucks for waste haulage and 5 for ore haulage respectively, for the same Backhoe loader.
A Project report submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Postgraduate (Professional) diploma degree in Mining Engineering, 1993