Hypertension: the Patient’s Perception: an assessment of the knowledge of disease, medication and lifestyle modification of hypertensive patients attending the out patients Department of the Ghana Hospital, Accra.

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Background: Assessment of knowledge, attitude and practices is a crucial element of hypertension management because these are important factors in achieving blood pressure control. However little information is available in developing countries where hypertension has lately emerged as a major public health problem. Objectives: To assess the knowledge of hypertensive patients on their condition and management. Methods: Knowledge about disease, medication and life style modification of 100 hypertensive patients attending the out patients clinic of the police hospital was assessed using a 6 paged questionnaire. Results: 59% of respondents are not aware of the need for long term therapy, 27% do not know the benefits of therapy and 56% do not know the side effects of their drugs. 47% do run out of medication, 62% do not know the effects of smoking on hypertension and 28% seldom keep their appointments.69% had never received information about their condition and it’s management and 49% could not recall their most recent blood pressure values. Conclusion: Hypertensive’s are poorly informed about their condition and management. Key words: hypertension • patient knowledge • blood pressure control.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Clinical and Social Pharmacy in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science degree in Clinical Pharmacy, 2004