Intensification strategy: determination of the income optimum time to under-plant oil palm with cocoa

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, Journal of ghana science.association,
Cocoa was inter-cropped with oil palm of three different palm ages to determine the best time to under plant cocoa in oil palm. The experiment was conducted from 1994 to 2004 at the Oil Palm Research Institute, Kusi. Oil palm at three different ages;2, 4 ami 6 years after planting were un­ -der-planted wit" mixed cocoa hybrids. These were compared with sole oitpalmand sole cocoa. The treatments were arranged in a randomized complete block design. and. replicated three times. ". Growth and yield of oi! palm under-cropped with cocoa after 4 years comparedfavorably with sole oil palm. The income equivalent ratio defined as the land area under sole oil palm that TS required to produce the incomes achieved in lnter-cropping, were 1.08,1.25, 1.02, I, 0.31 for 2 years oil palm with cocoa, 4 years oil palm with cocoa, 6 years oil palm witli cocoa, sole oil palni a!Jll sole cocoa respectively. Results of this study suggest that maximum returns from the land is achieved when 4years old oil palm is under-planted with COCOa followed by 2 years and 6 years old oil palm respectively. Such lllte~cropping gave higher returns from the. land than either sole oil palm or cocoa plots.
, Journal of ghana science.association, vol. 8 110. 2; Dec., 2006
, Journal of ghana science.association, vol. 8 . 2; Dec., 2006