Improving the growth of oil palm seedlings with biostimulants neb-26 and neb29

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Journal of Ghana Science Association
Bio timulant appear an emerging option to improving seedling growth and development and a a production cost reduction strategy. They are known to stimulate the biological activitie of the oil microbe , increase root growth, enhance root nutrient uptake and reduce the need for addi­ tional fertilizer application. The study was to evaluate the effect of two bio timulant (NEB-26 and NEB-29) and their combinations with other fertilizer formulations on the growth of oil palm eedling at the nursery. The experiment, conducted at Okyinso near Kade from May 2005 to March 2006, wa a randomized complete block design with twelve treatment in three replica­ tion . Plant growth parameters such as plant height, butt circumference, frond dry weight leaf area and leaf area index were measured monthly. The results on the vegetative mea urement indicate that a mixture of NEB-26 with NPKMg fertilizer formulation and NEB-29 with PKMg fertilizer formulation promoted growth of the seedlings better than ole application of NEB-26 and EB-29 alone. .
Journal of Ghana Science Association, Vol. 14 No. 1.June, 2012
Journal of Ghana Science Association, Vol. 14 no. 1. 2012