Location of an additional police station in Afigya Kwabre District using the conditional p-median approach

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This study focuses mainly on conditional facility location problems on a network. This thesis discuss the conditional p–median problem on a network. Demand nodes are served by the closest facility whether existing or new. The thesis considers the problem of locating a police station facility (non–obnoxious facility) as a conditional p – median problem, thus some existing facilities are already located in the district. This thesis uses a new formulation algorithm for the conditional p- median problem on a network which was developed by Oded Berman and Zvi Drezner (2008) to locate an additional police station in Afigya Kwabre district. A 26 node network which had five existing police facilities was used. The result indicated that additional police station should be located at Nanso (node 21) with an optimal objective function value of 62292. The additional facility at Nanso will largely help reduce the pressure on the existing police stations and improved the security of the residents in the district.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Mathematics, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Degree of Master of Science in Industrial Mathematics.